Our boards are short and fat! Designed to work in deep snow conditions they also excel on the hard pack and are playful enough to jib around on. When sizing a board consider riding something between 7-15cm than you would normally ride.

We blend different radii together to give you a deep sidecut that will make tree runs effortless and tearing up the groomers your new trick.

Camber underfoot is blended with early rise out to the wide points, this seamlessly transitions into the nose and tail kicks. This blend gives you float in the good stuff combined with the pop and surefooted grip that camber brings to the party.

Lastly we profile our cores to give you a playful and forgiving flex between the bindings, a slightly softer nose for float on the pow and a strong powerful tail. 



A blend of poplar with maple stringers makes up the heart of our boards. Great strength and pop as well as awesome insert retention in the maple stringers. We then CNC machine the cores to our exacting dimensions. 



We use full length Biax and Triax layers of carbon fibre tempered with layers of glass fibre to give a perfect flex and torsional playfulness. Added to this we place unidirectional carbon beams in strategic areas to further tune the flex and add playfulness and pop. 



Poured as a liquid PU rubber that cures to form a seamless sidewall around the whole board. This gives an exceptional bond to the core and the rubber adds additional dampening to help eliminate board chatter. 



To further enhance dampening we use VDS rubber between the full perimeter of the edge and the sidewall.


Base and Edges

We use sintered Durasurf 4001 base material from Crown plastics. This is a high molecular weight plastic that has industry best durability and its fast to boot. 

Hardened steel edges wrap around the full perimeter of the board to further enhance durability.